Mailing Hope

MISSION STATEMENT: To lift the spirits of others through snail mail.

Larry and I were overwhelmed with the prayers and well wishes that we received during our most difficult times these past 15 months. We believe prayers work. So, in gratitude, I would like to pass the well wishes on. I welcome any and all of you to help in this endeavor.

I will be gathering a group together monthly to make and send cards to those in mourning, ill or maybe just a birthday card to an elderly person in a nursing home. Really, cards will go out to anyone that needs their spirits lifted.

The new email address to send card requests is Feel free to pass this email out. Anyone that requests positive vibes and prayers for friends or family will need to include: name of person, mailing address (not email), their basic request (sympathy, healing, birthday, other).

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today and learn about my endeavor to spread love, hope and good cheer!

Hugs, Kathy

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